The AKC recognizes three sizes for poodles. "Teacups" & "Royal" Standard Poodles are marketing gimmicks by breeders who do not adhere to the breed standard. Poodles are classified in size by inches at the withers - not by weight. Although there is no upper weight limit for standard poodles, according to the breed standard, diminutiveness is preferred - that means that all other things being equal, a smaller poodle is desired over a larger one. There are many elements to the breed standard. Puppy buyers should be familiar with the written standard when purchasing a puppy so as not to be duped.
"Moyen" or "Klein" Poodles might be a term you occasionally hear with respect to poodle size. This is a recognized category in the UK as per the FCI Breed standard but not so in the USA. Moyen or Klein Poodles are a size somewhere between a mini and a standard. If you desire a smaller dog, but a mini is too small for you, ask for a "small standard." Remember - size can never be guaranteed as there are many generations and gene combinations behind each precious puppy.

Toy Poodle
Under 10 inches at the withers

Miniature Poodle
Between 10-15 inches

Standard Poodle
Over 15 inches tall

The American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for poodles


Mini Poodle

Standard Poodle